A Scraper Tool You Should Consider - Explained By Semalt

Google maps scraper is a relatively new, lightweight, powerful and versatile tool. It extracts data from different web pages and Google maps and gets results in the form of CSV and JSON. You can efficiently target business websites, phone numbers and email addresses with this comprehensive service. Some of its distinctive features are discussed below.

1. Scrapes data in multiple forms:

With Google maps scraper, you can extract city, zip codes, rating, latitudes, longitudes, opening hour, and business names conveniently. This extractor helps convert raw data into an organized form and saves your time and energy. If you are tired of collecting and scraping data manually and lack sufficient programming skills, you must try Google maps scraper to get your work done.

2. Available in two editions:

Unlike other ordinary scraping services, Google maps scraper is available in two distinctive editions: Standard edition and Demo edition. The demo edition lets you try this software and enjoy its services for up to 15 days. Its standard edition will cost you $99 and unlocks extraordinary benefits and features.

3. Targets thousands of pages everyday:

One of the most distinctive features of Google maps scraper is that it targets up to 150,000 web pages per day and costs you nothing for this service. This tool is great for both programmers and non-programmers and makes it easy for them to scrape data from multiple pages before they buy its paid version.

4. Supports multiple formats:

This advanced web scraper or data extractor stores your information in JSON, RSS and CF formats; you can open the desired data in Excel sheets or import it directly to your Google Drive.

5. Compatible and reliable:

There are a large number of data scraping software and tools that don't support multiple browsers. Unlike import.io and Kimono Labs, Google maps scraper is compatible with Windows 7, Microsoft XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10. In addition, it is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and is a reliable service.

6. Shows the results accurately:

If you want to continuously monitor and maintain the quality of data while it is being scraped, you should try Google maps scraper. This service lets you view the data and fixes all minor errors by its own. Furthermore, it provides options to enter different search criteria and keywords at the same time.

7. Works easily and conveniently:

Google maps scraper is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface. Once you have selected the category or entered the keyword and location, you just have to begin the search and wait for your outputs for a couple of minutes. Google maps data extractor is suitable for all types of businesses and creates neat and readable CSV files instantly.

8. Extract anywhere, anytime:

You can use this tool on your smartphone, tablets or computer system and can perform your tasks anywhere, anytime. You don't have to worry about its results. This tool will provide accurate data regardless of the type of device you are using and is suitable for freelancers and businesspeople. You can even scrape yellow pages and white pages with this service.